Epoxyset Pre-Mixed & Frozen Epoxy Products

Epoxyset specializes in providing many of our products in premixed and frozen packaging. Epoxyset Freeze-Pack syringes or cartridges eliminate the need for you to accurately weigh and mix reactive resin materials. Material stored in your freezer is simply thawed before use and then applied. We provide a thoroughly blended resin system that is degassed and free of air bubbles. Our syringes are dispensed to minimize air entrapment and leaks. The syringe or cartridge is placed in dry ice immediately to prevent curing and giving you as much of the pot life as possible. Each syringe or cartridge is filled to customer specification and each lot is tested prior to shipment. Shipped in dry ice, the customer receives the material still fully frozen. All of our premixed and frozen products are mixed, dispensed, and frozen by Epoxyset and are not sent to an outside company. This allows is to keep our prices low and provide assurance that the material is being handled with an experienced team that knows the product. Freeze packs are excellent for the medical device, aerospace, electronics, fiber optics, and aircraft manufacturing industries. Read our information brochure for more and contact us via phone at 401-726-4500  email us at info@epoxyset.com

Click Here for Epoxyset Freeze Packs Information Brochure

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Epoxyset’s core belief is to provide quality products with unprecedented service to our customers. We are a custom formulator of epoxies, silicones and urethanes for demanding applications in MicroElectronics / Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Industrial applications.

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